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Over 40 Years of Experience

Aspen Management is one of the most well-established and professional property management firms in southern California. We specialize in industrial and commercial property management, and are consistently rated as one of the best firms for commercial property management in Los Angeles.

Types of Commercial Real Estate We Handle:

  • Business Parks
  • Multi-Tenant Industrial Buildings
  • Retail
  • Shopping Centers
  • Standard Office Buildings
  • Commercial Office Buildings
  • Special Purpose Commercial Real Estate

Our Southern California Office Locations

From our original offices in Los Angeles County we've expanded to serve the greater Orange County and San Diego County regions.

We have offices in Anaheim, Valencia, Tarzana, and Lancaster. If you own commercial or industrial property in southern California, we've got what you need to keep the value of your property appreciating while freeing you up to focus your efforts elsewhere.

Focused Attention & Service

Over the last 40 years, Aspen Management has perfected a local, hands-on approach to property management.

The national firms can't compete with our full service local package for overall care and attention to detail.


Full Service Commercial Property Management

When it comes to commercial property management, there's not much we can't handle. We field our own dedicated maintenance team, which handles day-to-day physical concerns efficiently and affordably. This is one of many ways in which our approach saves you money over a long-term arrangement.

Prompt Response, Ready for Any Situation

The big three areas of tenant complaints are parking, roofing, and AC: we've got that covered, and we can have someone on-site usually within 1-2 hours in case of an emergency situation.

Of course, we do represent the property owner; we visit every location under our care on a weekly basis, just to make sure that everything is running smoothly.

We Can Handle All Documentation

Administration, leasing documentation, and accounting are all second-nature to the experienced professionals on staff at Aspen.

Not convinced? Check out our Free Resources page to find out just how many ways Aspen is saving tens of thousands of dollars annually for property owners just like you. If interested, please set up a [free consultation and safety inspection].

Naturally, feel free to email or call us at 818-344-2544 if you've got any questions.

Expert Experience & Locally Available Around Southern California

We're aware that we offer a wide range of services which most commercial property management firms can't touch, usually due to no immediate local presence or a lack of actual business ownership experience. We're more than happy to answer your questions in advance!

Aspen Property Management owns and operates more than 100 of its own properties right alongside its clients properties; this is why we understand EXACTLY what is important to investment property owners. We know where management attention needs to be directed.

With Aspen managing your properties, you'll never miss out on rent adjustments or other monies to which a property owner is entitled.

Our Services

Here are the service packages we have available.

For additional information, please click on the package that sounds as though it might be best suited to your needs as a property owner.

We do offer a host of ancillary services; our services may be tailored to suit your unique needs and circumstances.((Each bracketed 'title' links to related service description/video maybe?))


A Trusted Leader

Aspen Property Management has been a trusted provider of property management services for more than forty years.

Our staff are highly trained and experienced professionals. All required licensing, certification and insurance is 100% up to date at all times. For more information on how Aspen can save you time and money right away, please contact us by filling out the form on our website to request your own FREE Safety Inspection and Condition Report today.

Once we have your information, we’ll be in touch shortly. We're looking forward to helping you protect and improve the value of your real estate investment.

  • Full Service Package

    For the busy property owner who's got other things to do, who needs reliable management services they can trust. Aspen will maintain solid tenant relationships, while steadily growing the value of your property.

  • On-Site & Facility Package

    For the owner who has paperwork and finances well in hand, but needs someone on-site to handle day-to-day physical concerns for their property. Also includes: tenant relations.

  • Accounting & Admin Package

    For the owner who enjoys handling maintenance and construction, and who enjoys an excellent relationship with their tenants already, we offer a bargain on accounting and paperwork. We'll redraw lease agreements, and make sure all of your paperwork is properly filed. Don't get caught off-guard in court by an overlooked mistake!

  • Asset Management Package

    Our clients in southern California love us! In fact, they love us so much that they often ask us to do what we can for properties located elsewhere in the United States. In this capacity, we function as the owner's eyes and ears. We visit each location quarterly, are copied on all major reports, and can oversee on-site staff such as construction and renovation crews. It's the same level of service you might expect from a national firm which maintains an office four blocks away from the property in question.

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