Admin and Accounting Only

Looking for Administrative, Accounting, and Bookkeeping Services?

Need Help with ALL the Admin Work
but Not the On-Site Facility Management?

Aspen Management offers commercial and industrial property management services. We're based in southern California, and most of our services are geared toward local property owners. We take pride in providing a hands-on approach to your management needs, and we offer a long list of available services covering every concern that a business owner faces.

Let Us Handle All Your Paperwork

Do you have a good relationship with your tenants? Are the physical needs of your property well in hand? If that's the case, Aspen may still be able to save you time and money by assisting with your administrative needs. By taking care of your paperwork, we free you up to focus your efforts elsewhere.

We Can Track Key Metrics About Your Property

servicesAspen Management is a 21st-century business with 21st-century ideas about responsible practices and transparency.

You will be kept in the loop through regular reporting on your property covering all the important information that property owners require.

Our reports lack redundant information, and are easy to understand, and are focused on key metrics of the property like:

  • Who didn’t pay?
  • How much money came in?
  • How much is your check this month?
  • What type of action was there on our vacancies?

The Best Accounting Team in the Business

As soon as you sign off on an Admin-Only Management package, we'll take a look at your books. We'll make sure that everything is going smoothly. Our accounting team is one of the best in the business; they're very familiar with local administrative practices, and they understand the related legal structure in southern California.

Spot and Fix Common Errors

Our accounts benefit from the services of a dedicated bookkeeper, who reports to the controller and our property manager. Statistically speaking, more than 90% of accounts aren’t setup with the proper paperwork to best protect the property owner. Some examples of common errors include:

  • Leases don’t flow with addendums
  • Amendments don’t tie with with the leases
  • CPI adjustments are calculated wrong.

If you try to evict a tenant, and a mistake of this sort is uncovered, you will lose.

Contact Us Today for an Appointment

There is a great deal more we can talk about regarding Aspen Management's Admin-Only Management package. For a step-by-step explanation of how Aspen can personally assist you with your commercial or industrial properties, give our friendly staff a call today. We'll be happy to set you up with an appointment and show you how we can best tailor our services to suit your particular needs.

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