Asset Management

What is Asset Management?

Do You Need Eyes and Ears on
Your Investment Properties Outside of SoCal?

Aspen Management specializes in hands-on property management for industrial and commercial properties. We maintain four locations throughout southern California. For locations that are outside of our service area and usually out of state, we also offer something a little different: our Asset Management Service.

How the Asset Management Service Works

Asset Management sees Aspen functioning in most respects as the owner of a property, acting on the actual owner's behalf. It is comparable to what the national firms are talking about when they use the term "property management," which from our point of view entails a much wider variety of services and on-site functionality. Through our Asset Management service, Aspen functions as the eyes and ears of the actual business owner, handling most service arrangements by managing the providers of those services.

Ideal for Out-of-State Business Owners

ownersOur Asset Management service is popular with business owners who have experienced our hands-on management practices with locally based properties.Those who have witnessed our affinity for paperwork and our relationships with the tenants have often asked us to "help out" for properties located out of state.Because many of the issues facing property owners involve misunderstandings with leases and subcontractor oversight, we're actually able to accomplish quite a bit on their behalf!

We Become a Valuable Liaison

Aspen Management works as a liaison between you, the owner, and your local team, wherever your property is located. We know how to facilitate airtight agreements, and how to get the ball rolling when a particular process has stalled out. We pay each property a quarterly visit, and we're copied on all reports and lease agreements. Just think: this is the same level of service that a national firm might charge an arm and a leg to provide for a business that's located just down the street from one of their offices! Our clients couldn't be happier with the quality of care and the personalized service that Aspen Management provides.


For more information, give one of our offices a call today or fill out our website form to get your FREE consultation, we'll cover all of the specifics of what our asset management service entails, and we'll figure out whether or not it's the right choice for you. Thanks for considering Aspen Management!

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