Facility and On-Site Only

Facility Commercial Property Management

Do You Need Help with On-Site
and Facility Management Services Only?


If you own a property in southern California, and you like the idea of a responsible, go-get-'em firm handling your management and maintenance issues, Aspen has you covered. Our range of services includes a long list of options which cater to the needs presented by the on-site side of things. You might find paperwork and legal agreements to be under control by you and your team; maybe you just prefer to shoulder the responsibility in that area. Whatever your reasoning, Aspen can take charge of the rest, while keeping you forever in the loop as to what's going on.

What You Get For Your Money

First of all, you get good tenant relations, and seamless transitioning from one tenant to the next. Aspen Management is well-known for its focus on good tenant relations. We will attend to tenant concerns, such as parking, roofing, and air conditioning. We maintain a good rapport with our tenants, and we take their input into account. This kind of thing builds a positive reputation over time, and we've been at it for a while.

Sit Back and Watch Your Property Appreciate

We have our own dedicated maintenance service for all day-to-day maintenance and similar concerns. This saves money on subcontracting, while providing for expert, highly-trained and experienced work at a fraction of the usual cost to you.

Everything about our On-Site and Facility-Only Management package is provided with the same hands-on care as our full service arrangement. We're on-site weekly, and we can make recommendations to optimize the value of your property at the same time.

Set Up Your Appointment Today

For more information about our On-Site and Facility-Only Management service, give Aspen a call today. We'll set you up for an appointment at your convenience, and go over all the ways in which we can help you save money while watching your property values continue to soar.

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