Frequently Asked Questions

& Questions You SHOULD Be Asking


What is your fee?
Because no property is the same, our fees are different from client to client. We base these fees in a number of factors, such as the location, property category, size of your property, as well as the number of tenants. We can do as much or as little as you would like. We offer a variety of management services to tailor fit your needs. Some of our clients need help with just accounting and admin work, others only need help with on-site and maintenance work, while others are interested in our Full Service management services.Depending on which type of management service you need will also affect your fee. You can get a FREE quote by filling out our Safety Inspection and Condition Report request form. We will do a complete assessment of your property and give you a quote based on the information you provide us and the information we gather on-site.
Do you have something you can send me?
Visit our Free Resources page page to find pdf downloads of the services we offer, examples of properties we manage, and our Safety Inspection and Condition Report checklist that we use on a monthly basis to evaluate all the properties we manage. If you are interested in having us assemble a complete Safety Inspection and Condition Report for you, please fill out our request form so we can get started right away. This comprehensive report lets you know about every single potential safety hazard on your property.
When do I get my money?
Commercial Property owners looking for a management service will be concerned about who is in control of their money and when they will receive their money. Remember that we agree to manage your property any way you want, whether just accounting and admin work, or on-site and maintenance work, or even our Full Service management where we handle everything for you. If you have a time gap concern, know that we typically hold a one-month mortgage, and the owner gets everything above that.
Can I be a check signer on the trust account?
Property owners who are concerned about control over their money may be wondering if they can be a check signer on a trust account. Because we need to be completely certain that monies are available to us as required by the law, owners are not permitted to be check signers. We are required to be the sole signer on the trust account. If you are concerned with a time gap, remember that we usually hold one month worth of expenses and you will receive everything above that.
Can I have access to your accounting system?
We use an accounting software called Yardi. This software is extremely complex, and obtaining your own software license will be costly. In some cases we allow owners to have access to our accounting system, but this requires them to purchase their own Yardi subscription and link it to ours. It is unlikely that you'll ever need to avail yourself with this complex software and hefty fees. The majority of owners we service are content with our monthly 5-page report which outline the most important items owners are concerned with like…
  1. How much money came in.
  2. Who didn’t pay
  3. What their check this month will be
  4. Are any vacancies, and if so, what is the activity on those vacancies.
This monthly report also details the safety and condition of your property and keeps you fully up to date on the Most Important Items to property owners.
Can we see a copy of your standard management contract?
We can make our standard management contract available to you with just a few simple steps. You can submit the form in order to get access to our FREE “safety inspection and condition report” (valued at $2,500)... this will give you access to our complete analysis of your property as well as our standard management contract.
Who do you use for insurance?
We use Zurich for insurance.
Can I go on your insurance policy?
We don't promote our insurance as an option. However if an owner requests it and we agree to that it is necessary. We are happy to provide them with a quote.
Who is responsible for common area maintenance billing?
The property managers are responsible for the common area charges and will report the figures to the bookkeeper who then enters the info into Yardi.

Questions You Should Ask

How long have you been in business?
As commercial property management veterans with four decades of experience, Aspen Management has the knowledge, depth, and experience to oversee your management needs. Whether it’s an off-hours emergency or rental related litigation, we can step in and make dealing with these critical issue less burdensome. Our firm manages over 100 of our own commercial properties alongside our tenants investment properties. This ensures that we understand what is MOST important to property owners. Trust us to add value to your investment.
How close is your closest office?
With offices in Anaheim, Valencia, Tarzana, and Lancaster, we can manage your rentals with the attention they deserve. Our local presence allows us to inspect properties weekly and stay on top of minor repairs before they become major issues. We can also respond to work orders quickly, keeping your tenants happy and your property well maintained. Your renters will feel secure knowing that they are leasing from a property owner that cares about their tenants.
How many properties “like mine” do you manage?
Aspen Management started in the commercial real estate trade just like you. Our portfolio eventually grew to over 100 properties in a 40-year time span. With encouragement from our real estate peers, we decided to offer other property owners the impeccable service that we provide for our rental units. Today, our properties have over 1000 tenants, managed and maintained by our dedicated, experienced staff members. With our guidance, you can enjoy the same superior property management.
How often do you visit the site?
We inspect all properties weekly, in addition to promptly responding to service calls and emergencies. Our maintenance staff will make sure that your property remains free of safety hazards that can cause lost revenue due to litigation. Proactive risk-management is vital to ensure that your tenants and investment remain safe. Our on-going inspections are the simplest and best way to avoid conditions that may harm residents. Not all hazards are easily identifiable. Our expert maintenance staff can help you avoid these extremely costly mistakes.
Who is going to be assigned to my account?
Aspen Management provides a dedicated team to oversee all your property management needs. We’ll assign a manager that is directly accountable for any matters concerning your rental, as well as a dedicated bookkeeper to handle your accounting needs. We also provide a maintenance team to service and repair your rental as needed. By assigning a dedicated team to your property, we can ensure high-level service for every detail involving your property. This attention to detail is the key to building a positive, trusting relationship with your tenants.
Who handles your after hour emergencies?
Over time, you will see how our resident retention rates increase your rental property profits. When emergencies occur, our local property managers are ready and available 24 hours a day. With Aspen Management, your rental is protected around the clock, while you continue to enjoy the rewards of ownership. We offer more than a 24-hour answering service. We solve problems for your tenants as they arise, and not just during typical business hours.
Who negotiates your new leases?
Aspen Management handles the tedious work involved with negotiating new leases. We have managed hundreds of properties for over 40 years which gives us the experience that you would expect. The use of improper lease documentation is a common occurrence in the rental business. It is important to include lease language that details the responsibilities specific to each rental. We understand what lease to provide for various types of properties so as to avoid issues in the future.
Who prepares your lease documents?
Aspen Management will prepare your lease documents and help you to avoid common lease errors. Improper lease documentation can leave you open to liability, and negate the protection that you deserve as a property owner. We also thoroughly screen tenants to protect your long-term investment. Our agents know how to identify bad tenants and which renters pay on time, stay longer, care for your property and cause fewer problems. Years of experience in the rental market has shown us what warning signs to avoid. Our trusted staff members are also familiar with, and abide by, all non-discrimination laws by using a tested and consistent screening process. With our service, you will gain decades of experience - saving you time and expenses.
Who selects the leasing agents?
Aspen Management vets its rental agents and assigns professionals to your rental property. We stay updated with the latest rental laws and keep your investment safe from unnecessary losses, such as avoidable litigation. By circumventing just one frivolous lawsuit, you can save up to a year’s worth of rental fees in some situations. We interview and assess each tenant directly, and instantly give you knowledge gained from years of experience. Our goal is your piece of mind.
What are my monthly reports going to look like?
You’ll always know how your rental property is performing with Aspen Management’s monthly reporting service. We clearly define important metrics such as gross revenue, late payments, non-payments, individual renter payments and property conditions. We also provide timely vacancy reports that will help you reoccupy your units quickly and keep revenue flowing. Our staff conducts a 21-point safety and 16-point exterior inspection every month. These inspections are the key to efficient operations that can save you significant expenses year after year.
Are you bilingual?
Aspen Management is committed to providing the best service to each one of your tenants. Excellent tenants come from all backgrounds. To address this need, we employ multilingual staff members to serve those who speak other languages. These staff members are also available to assist non-English speaking tenants with all rental related matters. This value-added service can help you increase your profits by opening up a diverse new rental market.
Can you describe your maintenance staff and their function?
Aspen Management operates maintenance offices in Anaheim, Valencia, Tarzana, and Lancaster. Our local staff can respond to emergencies and service calls usually within a couple hours. The same staff members will inspect your rentals on a weekly basis and will grow intimately familiar with your property. Maintaining good relationships with tenants and keeping your properties well maintained is time consuming. There are only so many hours in a day, Aspen Management can help give you time back by providing top-notch service, maintenance and management.
Do you have maintenance people on payroll?
Aspen Management hires its own in-house maintenance staff. There’s a significant benefit to having a dedicated maintenance staff available 24 hours a day. All municipalities have codes that regulate how you must maintain your properties. We can help you keep your rentals in compliance with local regulations and keep you tenants satisfied. When you take care of your rental units, your tenants are more likely to respect your property. Making sure that your rentals are in the best condition possible will increase the return that you earn over time.
What are maintenance guys capabilities or typical responsibilities?
Empty rental units equal lost revenue. Our staff members are available to paint, re-floor and turnover units quickly as well as make interior and exterior repairs. They also keep your rental property grounds clean and free of clutter. If you take care of your tenants, they will take care of your property. For larger projects, such as roof replacements, plumbing or electric work, we maintain a pre approved vendor list.
Do you have a stable of vendors?
We understand that as a property owner expense management is a top priority. The best way to do this is with regular preventative maintenance. However, there are times when issues arise despite meticulous upkeep. We maintain a pre-approved vendor list for larger jobs like roofing and large plumbing jobs. By joining the Aspen network, you will have access to proven, reliable contractors. Our experts know the best way to fix these problems and can help you avoid expensive repairs.
Do you have a good eviction attorney?
At times, property owners must deal with tenant evictions. Aspen Management has its own attorneys that can deal with these unpleasant, unfortunate matters. These experts have proven themselves repeatedly. By affiliating with our firm, you will have access to litigation experts who are thoroughly versed in area rental law. Removing a troublesome or non paying tenant takes time. By having our expert counsel on hand, you can reduce the time it takes to reoccupy a rental unit with a profitable tenant.
Who coordinates tenant improvements and space planning?
Aspen Management also consults on rental property renovations. We have personally developed many of our own properties and can help you design new construction or build out existing structures to make them more profitable. We know what improvements will provide you with the most return-on-investment. Our staff can assist you with renovations, planning and contractor bidding and understand what will work the best in each rental market. We have over 40 years of experience at our disposal to help you run and grow your real estate rental investments.
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