Full Service Management

Full Service Commercial Property Management

What exactly is Full Service Property Management and do I Need it?

Aspen Management offers a Full Service property management package as one of its options for its California clients. This might require a little bit of an explanation; many national firms offer what we like to call "asset management" service. They don't spend a lot of time on-site. They aren't very personal, or hands-on. They don't seem to care very much about your relationship, as a business owner, with your tenants.

One of the things we'll do for you is tend to all of the physical needs of your property. How often do you hear about a firm letting a problem with air conditioning, or a leaky roof, go unattended for months? The worst part about that is that tenants have become so accustomed to such behavior that they let it slide, but their irritation builds over time. Like a leaky pipe inside of a ceiling, this slowly and inevitably erodes owner-tenant relations.

Hands-On Property Management

Aspen Management isn't like that. We believe in a direct and hands-on approach to property management, which is why most of our services are only offered for local properties. We'll have someone on-site, making sure that everything is running smoothly, every week. We can be at your property within two hours if something urgent requires our attention. Try to find a national-level firm offering our level of personalized local service and you'll come up empty-handed.

We do provide emergency management services, while simultaneously providing for the day-to-day physical maintenance needs which every commercial or industrial property faces. Things like air conditioning problems, parking issues and roofing concerns are the most common tenant complaints. We've been taking care of those for years. If we can't fix a problem, we know someone efficient and affordable who can. We help promote smooth and friendly relations with your tenants by ensuring that their needs are met in a fair and timely manner. Thanks to our having a dedicated and experienced maintenance staff, we are able to handle most common problems quickly.

No More Paperwork or Accounting Errors

Aspen's Full Service package goes beyond your property's physical needs. We'll look at your lease documentation, and we'll clean it up. We'll add in an additional layer of legal protection for the property owner. You'll never miss out on any of your entitled rent increases with Aspen handling your paperwork.

Did you know that there are property owners out there who miss out on tens of thousands of dollars annually because of paperwork or accounting errors? Nobody is stealing from them; they're simply working with poorly-written agreements and uncertain terms. Aspen's accounting team has specialized experience within such areas as tenant agreements and multi-tenant leases. We know how to protect the owners of the properties placed in our care, while ensuring that they receive every dollar they're due. With Aspen watching over it, your property's value will appreciate steadily.

Contact Us for An Appointment Right NOW

Our Full Service property management package has a lot more to it than what we've covered here. We provide for dozens of different needs, while keeping you continuously in the loop as to what's going on.

Give Aspen Management a call today, and set up an appointment for a consultation. Find out exactly what we can do for you, and see how we'll cover all the costs of our own retention long-term.

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