Masonic Building

Property Information

The Masonic Building is located on Ventura Blvd in the Tarzana District of the City of Los Angeles. The first floor is occupied by the Masonic Lodge and banquet hall and has also has several commercial tenants. The second floor has over 9,000 square feet of office space with units ranging from 387 to 2,294 square feet. The upper floor is served by an elevator. One of the major advantages of this property is the abundance of free surface parking.

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Property Details

Property Type:Shopping Center

Location: Ventura Blvd
Tarzana , CA

No. Tenants:15

Square Feet:9,700

Property Manager: Layla Vitale
(818) 344-2544

Leasing Agent: Layla Vitale
(818) 344-2544

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