Tarzana Village

Property Information

San Fernando Valley’s, Tarzana Village is a 50,000 square foot multi-tenant Retail Center, located on Ventura Boulevard between Reseda & Tampa Boulevards. The center is in the heart of the Valley’s Restaurant District and this property compliments that reputation with gusto.

The “strip” portion of the center, highlights Japanese, Asian Fusion, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine. The remaining piazza offers both all-inclusive shoppers “feast”, accompanied by numerous facilities for health & fitness-minded individuals. Businesses include fine jewelry, high-end women’s fashions, a gallery of Venetian home furnishings, a full-service Beauty salon, a Pilates studio, Massage Place, Relax the Back furniture and a dance workplace incorporating creative arts for the young.

The free-standing building houses an Urgent Care facility. The complex accommodates 17 tenants with 24 Units. There is both underground & open-air parking to accommodate all-day patrons.

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Property Details

Property Type:Retail Center

Location: San Fernando Valley

No. Tenants:17

Square Feet:50,000

Property Manager: Layla Vitale
(818) 344-2544

Leasing Agent: Giann Vitale, Daum Commercial

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