VIC-35 Investors, Ltd.

Property Information

VIC-35 Industrial is a free standing single tenant concrete tilt-up industrial-warehouse building located in the Valencia Industrial Center in the City of Santa Clarita. The building contains 39,609 square feet. The building has 2,600 square feet of office area, 600 amps of single and three phase power, 16 foot clear ceiling height, ground level loading, skylites and a .33 fire sprinkler system. It is presently leased to Indu-Electric.


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Property Details

Property Type:Industrial

Location: 27756 Ave. Hopkins
Valencia , CA

No. Tenants:1

Square Feet:21,735

Property Manager: Joe Arroyo
(818) 344-2544

Leasing Agent: Ron Berndt
(818) 344-2544

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