Tired of Managing?

Tired of Managing Your Real Estate Investment By Yourself?

Property Owners Who Want to Shed the Responsibilities of Management Should Read This

buildingAre you a new commercial property owner in need of some help properly managing your buildings?

Or are you perhaps an established commercial property owner who has grown tired of the day-to-day management details? In either case, we can help you.

Regardless of your level of experience as a commercial property owner, do you really know how to respond to everything that may happen with your property?

If your answer to that question is 'no', please keep reading.

Let Aspen Handle It

Having a professional property management company handle all or at least some of the routine tasks associated with keeping your rental property running smoothly is invaluable in terms of saving you time, money and headaches. Some of the services we can provide are:

  • On-Site and Facility Management: We handle only the on-site physical aspects of your property such as maintenance and safety inspections.
  • Administration & Accounting: This is a great option for you if all you need is someone to handle the headache of all the leasing documentation, administrative paperwork, bookkeeping and financial reporting.
  • Full Service Management: As 'hands-off' as it gets, with this service package all you'll need to do is review your monthly reports and collect your income.

We also are unique in that we offer an Asset Management Service. So if you have investments outside of Southern California, we can be your 'eyes and ears' for those properties by working with local management teams as an extra layer of protection to you.

Get Your Free Safety Inspection and Condition Report

To get a FREE comprehensive and complete “Safety Inspection and Condition Report” which is (valued at $2,500), please fill out the form on our website today. We will get back to you within a few short hours to setup a consultation and our on-site visits to your property.

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